Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PERSPECTIVE available at G8

back in october at E for All, i had a talk with Tony of G8 as he showed me samples of the upcoming line. i was impressed on what they had to offer, straying away from a majority of the other video game inspired apparel out there.

"our collection of limited edition t-shirts consists of innovative, high fashion prints, inspired by nostalgic gaming designs and classic video game imagery."

they've got some good classics portrayed on their apparel: dig dug, mario, pong, asteroids, pacman, etc.

so as i was shuffling through the samples, Tony asked me if i'd like to hit him up with some designs. i was pretty stoked on the offer and i started immediately that weekend on some rough ideas. i finally got to this Marble Madness inspired design (pictured above) which is now available in the G8 store.

i remember Marble Madness being a super rad game, but i never had the patience to get past the 4th level, that shit was hard! always miscalculating my jumps and getting swept up by the magical fairy brush.

other notable designs available in the G8 Store...

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