Tuesday, February 10, 2009

celebs go for joy ride in Universal City

i've put together my dream team of people you would most likely want to be in your getaway vehicle during a slow speed persuit. find a posse like this and you're on your way to the canadian /mexican border...

middle eastern dude (driver) - this guy's business recently went under. he's pissed and will drive a mean 20mph...maybe even 23.

chris brown (security) - any ladies coming to your vehicle to check the trunk? no way he'll hesitate in settling her straight with a few contusions and a busted lip. you defintely don't want to be around if her man ends up being on the floor that night.

christian bale (negotiator)
- handling all negotiation attempts from LAPD. his foul mouth and short temper will make sure all demands are met. he doesn't give a fuck what the situation is, he will verbally tear any cop a new asshole.

OJ (navigator) - he's done this before and knows exactly what to do in any situation involving a chase of a white vehicle. Russinabox mentioned to me that he's been in jail for about six months now. guess i missed that one. anyways, he will then be navigating via Skype.

boys just wanna have fun!

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